Unlimited Pocket Soccer

Giant pool table? Check.Soccer sized pool balls? Check.You and your friends having an absolute blast? Check.

This popular European game is a hybrid sport that blends pool with soccer (or football if you’re European). The principle of the game is based on pool, but the balls are replaced by soccer balls and the cue by a pair of shoes. It’s a ball.. (rimshot!) for groups small and large to have a fun time competing with each other.

Rent a table, grab some food & drinks from the High Caliber Bar & Bistro, and school your friends while taking in the view of the go-karts whizzing by.

ALL DAY Access to our tables

    What do I get?

  • ***All ages***
  • Giant Pool Table
  • Soccer balls as pool balls
  • Feet as cue sticks
  • ALL DAY Fun for everyone!

Why High Caliber Karting?

  • Two indoor go-kart tracks featuring European racing karts
  • Two Rage Rooms
  • Twelve Lanes of ThrowBowling
  • Digital "Gamified" Axe Throwing
  • VIP rooms for parties, and events
  • Bistro Kitchen and Two Bars

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