***ALL ACTIVITIES ARE FIRST COME FIRST SERVE (Like an amusement park). Booking this online does not reserve any activity***

ALL ACCESS??? Say whaaaaa? That's right! Every Monday, a cool $50 grants you UNLIMITED access to everything we have to offer here at High Caliber.* 

Want to race until your ribs develop stress fractures? You can do that! 

Maybe throw Axes until your arms fall out? Sure thing. 

Blast your friends (and strangers) with Archery tag arrows or Gel Blasters until the cows come home (there will not be cows here, it's a metaphor).

It's ALL available! Every. Single. Monday. Who ever said "Monday's suck" must not have been to High Caliber Karting.

***This booking does not reserve any activities no matter what time you select. The time you select is only for checking in***

Here's how it works:

1. Purchase this offer

2. Drive to HCK and present yourself at the Arcade Activity Counter at ANYTIME this day (does not have to be the time you select)

3. Acquire your UNLIMITED ACCESS wristband and schedule whatever 3 activities you want to do right there.**

4. After your activities, you can head back up to the counter and schedule some more activities!!

*Unlimited Access does not include Food, Beverages, Arcade, and Rage Room Supplies. Those will be available to be purchased separately.

**Only 3 activities may be scheduled at a single time. That could be 3 kart races, 1 Archery Tag Session and 2 Kart races, etc. Once you complete your activities, head back up to the Activity Counter to schedule your next ones!

    What do I get?

  • Unlimited Racing
  • Unlimited Axe Throwing
  • Unlimited Archery Tag/GellyBall War
  • Unlimited ThrowBowling
  • Unlimited FUUUUUNNNNNN

Schedule ( 31m )

Why High Caliber Karting?

  • Two indoor go-kart tracks featuring European racing karts
  • Two Rage Rooms
  • Twelve Lanes of ThrowBowling
  • Digital "Gamified" Axe Throwing
  • VIP rooms for parties, and events
  • Bistro Kitchen and Two Bars

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