JUNIOR Combat Karting Race

***Ages 8-15 for this activity***

The WORLD's most thrilling, first-person shooter, gamified go-karting experience.

Created and developed right here in Mid-Michigan!

If you're lucky enough to have this right in your back yard, what are you waiting for!?

During a Combat Race, you will gain weapons and powerups each time you cross the start/finish line. You will also have a shield that you can employ for temporary spurts and it comes with a speed boost!

  • You can fire your weapons or activate your power ups with the red button on the right. Each of the weapons inflict a different level of damage to your opponents when you land a shot. Take note; they all have different ammunition counts and reload times too!
  • Your turret, the thing above your head, is not only your weapon, but it is also your weak spot. Line up your kart up with the one in front of you to land your shots and crush their speed, making passing a breeze.
  • Your left, blue button is your shield. Use it wisely as your opponents are going to try and blast you every chance they can get. Your shield recharges after 20 seconds. Your kart will inform you when it is ready to use through the heads-up display in addition to an audible “shield ready”. As a bonus, you will get a four-second speed boost when you hit your shield button to allow you to "get away".

  • As you blast your opponents on the track, you will see their karts light up red confirming you landed your shot. Their health will decrease and so will their kart’s speed. Their health will regenerate as they race, so long as they can avoid getting shot.
  • If their kart is lit up blue, that means their shield is activated and they are impervious to damage.
  • As you race around the track, you will gain these items at random every time you cross the start/finish line.

Your display is transparent and designed so it will not impede your vision. Displayed, you will see which weapon you have, your health "and therefore your available engine power", shield regeneration, ammunition count, your position in the battle as well as how many points you need to move up to the next position.

  • Finally, the meat of the message: You gain points for shooting your opponent’s often and accurately, fastest lap, overtakes, length of time held in a top 3 position, and shielding shots fired at you.
  • When the race has ended, your kart will automatically slow down to pit speeds and display how badly you destroyed everyone else. Make sure to take a mental note for maximum smack talking afterwards.

    What do I get?

  • ***Ages 8-15***
  • Gamified Go-Karting
  • First-person Shooter
  • Shoot your friends while you race!

Why High Caliber Karting?

  • Two indoor go-kart tracks featuring European racing karts
  • Two Rage Rooms
  • Twelve Lanes of ThrowBowling
  • Digital "Gamified" Axe Throwing
  • VIP rooms for parties, and events
  • Bistro Kitchen and Two Bars

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